The First Goodbye

It was more emotional than I thought it'd be, saying good-bye to my yoga teacher last night.  My best in town girls treated me to a final, private session with Emily. As we hugged in the parking lot, sweaty and exhausted, I wanted to tell her how much better my Mondays are because of her. … Continue reading The First Goodbye


So, remember the post right below this one? The one with the picture of the fantastic looking island that I was bragging about getting to visit? Well, guess what happened there! Ok, the title gave it away already but... Alex asked me to marry him!! There are not enough exclamation points that can be used … Continue reading Engaged!

On My Mind

Everyone knows the Love is Patient, Love is Kind... section of 1 Corinthians 13 but keep reading past verse 7 and you will find another treasure piece of scripture [all scripture is treasure, but you know what I mean]. 8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they … Continue reading On My Mind

Here’s Johnny

John Mayer made a film about a day in the life of John Mayer. "A Life In The Day" from John Mayer on Vimeo. Johnny (yes, we are on nickname basis) has decided Twitter is SO yesterday. Instead of Tweeting, he is voicing his thoughts via Tumblr. You can find 'em here.

War of the Worlds?

Is the Dakota Fanning/Tom Cruise movie coming true? Probably not any time soon. But if I lived in Wisconsin, you can bet this would have freaked me out last night: The ball of fire is thought to be just a meteor, part of the Gamma Virginids Meteor Shower.  Read more about it.