Congrats Grad

This past Saturday, my little cousin Tony became the second Gomez to ever graduate from college. We're moving up in this world! Momma and tia Esther came up for the big to-do. They were very impressed with Tallahasee. I realized it's easy to be impressed with Tallahassee when you're only here for three days! I took … Continue reading Congrats Grad


  oh mama I don’t tell you enough- I don’t show you enough but, I love you.   I’ve never given you enough credit. For those days when it was just you and me and Jessi.   We were still so little And I bet you were scared After all, how much longer could we, … Continue reading Mama


knock.knock.knock.knock. hello? you there. listen up. if you have the power to make little people famous, check out kaitlyn. she will = big ol' bucks for you. but ya gotta go through me first. not even one and she's already loaded with more personality than a lotta people i know. and what a looker too. … Continue reading kaitlyn


There is nothing like family to humble you.  Especially when there is a Jessica in your family. Jessica is my younger, arguably better looking sister (I got the brains, she got the looks and the heart)... Jessica has no filter. At all. She tells it like it is, often exaggeratedly worse than it is and has … Continue reading J.E.S.S.I.C.A