About Me

Hey! Thanks for being here! I’m Jovanna, a mom of three kiddos five and under, living a sweet life in Sarasota, Florida. I work full time as a sales executive and can some times be found flying to another state and back in the same day in order to tuck my babies in at night. When not in a suit, I live in my “momiform” consisting of leggings and a tank, rocking a very big topknot.

I’m married to a man better than the one I dreamed up as a little girl and together, we’re passionate about architecting and living the life of our dreams.

I write mostly about my pursuit of and interest in wellness, work life balance, clean keto eating, mom life and personal development.

I’ve been an obsessive documenter since I was gifted my first diary at seven years old. I love to write and capture all of the moments, however small. Having people read my words has always been a bonus, so thanks for following along. I hope you’ll stick around.