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Have you read that line that every time you buy from a small business, someone does a happy dance? Well, any time you shop from a business using one of my links or discount codes, I do a happy dance…. an awkward one because I am a terrible dancer, but a happy dance nonetheless!

As you shop for friends and family this holiday season, I hope you’ll consider some of the wonderful products/companies below. As a personal rule, I generally only share products/companies that I have experienced as a consumer first.

I am grateful for your support and consideration! You help make wellnessjovi possible!

Grassroots Coop: Code WELLNESSJOVI30 for $30 off $140 + Free Shipping, First Order Only

TrueDark Blue Light Blocking Glasses: Code WELLNESSJOVI for 10% Off Total Purchase

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KetoMojo Ketone, Glucose, GKI Bluetooth Meters: This link gets you 15% off your purchase of a meter kit. Discount shown at last step in checkout. Follow me/Shop with me!

Young Living Essential Oils

Sunny Culture Probiotic Water Kefir Drinks/Shots: Code wellnessjovi for 15% off your total

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