Keto Friendly Pork Dishes

Guys, I think pork might be my new favorite meat. After years of generally not eating it (unless it was bacon, because who can resist that?), I’m back and eating all the types. Pulled pork in the Instant Pot is in regular rotation in my house, ground pork stir fry, today’s meatballs….so many ways to cook it!

I have pork chops waiting in my deep freezer, yum! If you have a favorite recipe, please share!

Industrially raised pork is not the greatest meat option and I hadn’t encountered “forested pork” during any grocery store trips so that’s why I’d generally avoided it but since discovering Grass Roots Coop, pork and I are BFFs (you can use code wellnessjovi25 for $25 off $175+ free shipping!). Their hogs live in the wooded areas of their farms, foraging for acorns, roots and other forest treats. They have plenty of water, shade and open areas to roam. The result is super flavorful, clean meat!

The recipe for my pork and meatballs comes from I Breathe, I’m Hungry. I didn’t have parsley so I didn’t add that, and I used already riced cauliflower but otherwise, I followed her recipe as-is and it was delish!

By the way, the best pork rub comes from The Mexican Keto Cookbook. So good! It’s also my favorite overall cookbook right now!

Happy cooking, friends!

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