Easy Air Fryer Keto Dinner

One of the things I’ve found that has helped me to stick to keto is focusing on the things I CAN eat, rather than the things I can’t. This simple meal is a perfect example of of that.

I love beef. I think it’s my love language. I may write a letter to the Love Language people to see if we can get it added.

This grass-fed sirloin steak was delivered frozen to my door by a favorite company of mine, Grass Roots Coop. Grass Roots Coop delivers grass fed, pasture raised, forrested beef, chicken, pork and more. Our family has been over the moon with the taste and quality of their products since discovering them last year.

You can get $40 off your first purchase of $160+ and free shipping by using code “wellnessjovi” on their website. While we’ve loved and devoured everything, the pork shoulder has been a favorite and tends to be the first thing we make when our order is delivered!

Let’s get to the details on this meal, shall we?

STEAKS: First, I turned my air fryer on to 400 degrees and let it warm up for a few minutes. While it was warming up, I coated the sirloins in olive oil on both sides then rubbed sea salt and fresh ground pepper on them.

Once they were coated and rubbed, I put them in a single layer in the air fryer. I cooked them 3 minutes on each side at 400 for a medium rare temperature. When they came out I melted some butter on top.

These steaks were on the smaller side so larger steaks might require longer cooking. I found the 400 temperature did a nice job of searing the steaks while not overcooking the inside…my favorite!

Once the steaks were done cooking, I set them aside to let them rest and got to work on the asparagus.

ASPARAGUS: My kids love to help in the kitchen and I needed to entertain them while I cooked the steaks so I handed each kid (ages 2-5) a cutting board, some asparagus spears and a kid friendly knife (which is the best purchase I’ve made in a while!) and they chopped happily while I prepped.

Once they chopped the asparagus, I coated it with olive oil, salt and pepper (just like the steak) and cooked it in the air fryer at 350 for 13 minutes. If you did whole spears, the cooking time might differ. Once the asparagus was once, I grated fresh mild cheddar on top. We’re not big cheese people but since I had a block of great cheese in my fridge, I figured we should use it!

MASHED CAULIFLOWER: Guys, this was so easy and so good. I started with some already riced cauliflower (available at Costco) and microwaved it (I was going for quick/easy) with some butter, salt and pepper on top. Once it was all warmed up, I moved it to my blender, added some almond milk (just enough liquid to get it to blend well) and some more of the cheddar and blended it all together. It was so good that it made me forget potatoes even exist.

The only downside to this meal was that we ate it all and so there are no leftovers! If you make this, I hope you enjoy it as much as we all did.

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