Strawberry Cheese Cake Fat Bombs

One of my favorite things about the keto lifestyle is indulging in occasional treats in the form of keto fat bombs! The internet is bursting with them.

Strawberry cheesecake fat bombs are my favorite. It had been a while since I made them so this weekend, I re-upped on some needed ingredients, pulled out my new food chopper and got to work!

These are delicious, relatively easy to make, and don’t require baking or using many dishes (hallelujah!). I adapted this recipe from Low Carb, So Simple. Also, they’re egg and nut free!

Visit the original recipe and take a look at the changes I made below!

I made a double batch so doubled all of the ingredients. Also, I used frozen strawberries instead of fresh and I used 2.5 tablespoons of Xylosweet as the sweetener, instead of stevia or erythritol. Xylosweet is the only keto friendly sweetener that I like because I find that it doesn’t have an aftertaste. It’s the closest thing to the taste of sugar, in my opinion!

My kids keep asking for them and I can’t get my husband to stop snacking on them (he can afford the extra fat/calories!). I have to exert serious self control knowing they’re in my fridge, waiting for me to eat them up!

Actually, I ate three while writing this post. Whoops! Enjoy!

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