Clean(er) Beauty

On average, women put on 168 different chemicals on their body per day, according to the Environmental Working Group. Many of those chemicals are under-regulated or not regulated at all. There’s stuff we put on our bodies daily that is outlawed in other countries. I’ve decided to make a shift.

The more I learn about how our bodies respond to different environmental inputs, the more I’ve wanted to reduce my toxic load. I’ve changed what and how I eat, am starting to swap out home cleaning products (for Thieves! Amen!) and I’ve been slowly replacing my traditional/industrial bath and body products with cleaner options.

My changes have been gradual and realistic. When I’ve run out of one thing, I look for a cleaner option and replace it with that. It’s definitely a work in progress and there’s always room for improvement!

I wanted to share with you some of the cleaner items I am loving right now. Feel free to add to my list! I always love to learn about things I may be missing out on.

I replaced the spray tan booth with Isle of Paradise

You guys, I used to have an unlimited membership to Zoom Tan. Every two weeks or so, I’d step in to a magic booth as the palest Hispanic chick you’d ever met and come out looking like my mom is, in fact, Colombian (b/c she is).

Earlier this year when I really started thinking about it, I got grossed out at the idea of stepping into that marginally clean booth on the reg to have my largest organ (skin) covered by some substance that I knew nothing about while also inhaling it. Blegh.

I still wanted to be tan but knew I had to find a better option.

My friend Erin introduced me to Isle of Paradise. It’s an at-home self tanner that is organic, vegan, cruelty-free and is formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, GMOs, sulfates, petroleum and toxins. Not only that, but it works!

I have the tanning water and tanning mousse but I’ve heard great things about the drops too. I apply them both using a mit before I go to bed and I wake up with a nice, non-orangey glow. This has been one of my favorite swaps!

I swapped out my facewash

I am not a girly-girl (in case you were wondering). So while I did have a good run with a legit face care routine, it didn’t last long. Generally, I was washing my face with my bar soap (gasp! I know).

I stumbled upon the brand Acure, when I got a sample with a Sephora order. Now I am hooked. I rotate between three different face washes from them and love them all.

Not all of their products are listed on the EWG site but the ones that are have a good score, meaning they don’t pose a toxic risk.

I swapped out my deoderant

It all started with an episode of Shark Tank. After years of knowing I should switch to aluminum free deodorant, I finally decided to make the switch due to being inspired by PiperWai’s pitch. I ditched my Mitchum and fell in love with PiperWai. I still use it, but not as often. It’s a charcoal based deodorant so it leaves dark grey residue when rubbed on light clothes.

These days I alternate between PiperWai and Schmidt’s. I got the Cedarwood scented deodorant and it smells SO GOOD. Apparently I like woodsy smells since my favorite essential oil is Vetiver and now I love Cedarwood. I’ve been super happy with Schmidt’s and it’s held up even during my toughest Orange Theory workouts!

I upgraded what I put on my face

Ok, so we already got my terrible face washing habits out of the way. Let’s move on to post face wash.

One of my absolutely favorite products in my suite right now is my Beauty Counter cleansing balm. It gets rid of all of the makeup (esp eye makeup) that my face wash leaves behind. It can be used in conjunction with other cleansers or as a stand alone. I love how my face feels after I use this.

I use several other Beauty Counter products (eye cream, night cream, daily moisturizer, lip gloss, blush, the list goes on) that I also love. My bff Jaime is my consultant so I go to her with all my questions. We lived together in college for a year and she essentially dressed me every day so this is a natural dynamic for us :).

You can visit Jaime on Instagram for all things fashion & beauty @Jaime_cittadino or shop her Beauty Counter page here. There is a 15% off site wide sale right now so I stocked up on a few things!

I changed my toothpaste

See ya, Crest. Hello, “Hello” Oral Care. This activated charcoal toothpaste makes your mouth look gnarly while you’re brushing your teeth, but it’s minty and cleaner than regular toothpaste (though not rated on EWG).

Upgrading my family

I’ve swapped out all of my kids’ personal care products for clean ones. Mostly everything I use for them comes from Young Living. I can share the specifics in another post. I’ve also slowly been able to get my husband to agree that this stuff matters for his body too. We’re switching out his stuff as well.

If you have any products that you love, I’d love to hear about them! Thanks for reading.

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