My Favorite Kitchen Tools

I got a new air fryer yesterday. I immediately used it to make sweet potato fries for the kids then “fried” broccoli and then bacon. Wow. It was all so good! It was nice to use one tool for all three things (less clean up!). It also cooked much faster than a traditional oven.

I thought I’d share with you the tools in my kitchen arsenal. I try to keep as few random appliances as possible so in recent months I’ve given away the things I don’t use (such as my ice cream maker and griddle) but the items below get used weekly, if not daily in my house!

Ninja Air Fryer

This is the newest member of the collection but already a favorite. It was ridiculously easy to use, cooked my food quickly and made for perfectly crispy broccoli and bacon.

Instant Pot

This is obviously a fan favorite. It took me a few tries to fall in love with it, honestly. But, it was when I was able to quickly make moist, shredded chicken from a frozen block of chicken breasts that won me over! I use it now to make a variety of dishes including ropa vieja and my favorite, korean short ribs.

Ninja Blender

We use this every morning for our Bulletproof coffees. This past December we decided to “upgrade” to a Vitamix and sent it back soon after. We found that for the purpose of making our coffee, which was the number one use we were looking for, the Ninja did a better job at a fraction of the cost. The motors do burn out after a year or two but at the price point, it’s fair to have to replace them.

Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares Digital Cool Touch Rice Cooker

There is ALWAYS rice at my house. I am Hispanic so growing up, rice was a part of most meals. I still have it on hand for the kids or for my carb heavy days. Having a rice cooker ensures a perfect pot of rice every time.

So, what am I missing? What kitchen tools can you not live without?

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