How We (try to) Stay Healthy

We’re at the tail end of cold & flu season, hallelujah! Our little family has made it through this season without any major illnesses (but let’s not jinx it). While we’ve had our fair share of runny noses and occasional coughs, we’ve been spared any sick visits or prescriptions, which is more than we can say about the past three years (preschool and multiple kids will do that to you).

Looking back on this season, I can point to a few things that we’ve added to our wellness routine that may have contributed to staying healthy. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am not a medical professional; simply a mom sharing what’s made a difference for our family.


We started giving the kids vitamins in the middle of last year. On a daily basis, they get a combination of Magnesium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Omega-3 and/or a multi. We also do a daily probiotic. We change up the combination and brands from time to time to see if we notice changes in behavior, function or health. We position the vitamins as a post dinner treat since they’re all sweet.

The adults around here take vitamins too, but to be honest, we forget a lot of the time. We take Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Ashwaganda and Omega-3. Also, I’ve been known to steal a gummie or two from the kids stash when I divvy theirs out, because they’re so so good.

For the most part, the brands we stick to for both the kids and ourselves, are Garden of Life, Nordic Naturals and Young Living.

Ningxia Red

If I had to give all of the credit to one thing, this would be it. We started drinking Ningxia Red at the start of cold season, when the first runny noses hit. I did not want another season like the one before (ear infections, eye infections, antibiotics, blegh). I’d had friends touting the wonders of this juice for a long time but didn’t commit to trying it myself, despite being a user/lover of everything essential oil related.

We got our first bottle and it was (and continues to be) everything. It’s the first thing the kids ask for in the morning and something that I work into my carb count, even on my strict keto days. We recently took a family vacation to Park City, Utah and I had some shipped there because I didn’t want us to go without.

Ningxia Red is a Young Living product. I read everything about it that YL published but also went a step further to research the main ingredient, the wolfberry (also known as goji berry). In Chinese medicine the goji berry is recognized for its incredible benefits.

Low in calories, fat-free, a good source of fiber and a high-antioxidant food, goji berry benefits include the ability to help you fight disease, effectively manage your weight and experience better digestion. Usually eaten raw, dried, or in liquid or powder form, versatile goji berries contain a wide range of phytonutrients, vitamins and trace minerals, giving them the name “superfood berries” by many health experts.

– Dr. Axe, Goji Berry Benefits: Antioxidant & Anti-Inflammatory Superfruit

Ningxia Red is available from Young Living. You can buy it retail or by getting a YL account. The YL community I am a part of is run by a dear friend of mine who is a holistic focused but traditionally trained Nurse Practitioner with an immense amount of knowledge on all things health, that she shares often and freely with us. We’d love for you to join us.

Elderberry Syrup

Each morning, after the Ningxia, comes the elderberry. I’ve bought it and made it and can tell you, homemade is absolutely worth the effort. I ordered the berries from Amazon and made it using The Wellness Mama’s recipe.

Her recipe made more than I could use in the time it stays fresh so I shared it with friends and family. It got thumbs up all around.

For general well being, we do 5mL daily for the kids and 10mL for adults. During times of colds or other attacks on the immune system, we repeat the dosage 2-3x per day.

Outside Time

I will give full credit to my husband for this one but our kids get outside with him, every day. Whether it’s sunny, rainy, hot, cold, muggy, whatever, they spend time playing outdoors. It’s usually during the precious, short time between work and dinner so I usually stay in to prepare dinner (in peace!).

There is an abundance of research supporting the benefits of being outside. Harvard Health summarized six benefits in this blog post.

I hope your cold/flu season has been uneventful. What do you and your family do to stay healthy?

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