Breakfast for the Kids

I was stuck in a breakfast rut for the kids so I asked for ideas on Instagram and got some great ones (thank you!).

We were doing organic, gluten free oatmeal with fruit and honey most days of the week (side note- my kids always preferred it raw, weird) but the more I learn about kid brains and the effects of food/chemicals, the more I started to worry about glyphosate.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup, the Monsanto weed killer that is the most heavily used pesticide in the U.S. It is sprayed on a variety of US Crops (gross) and recent studies by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), found that dangerous levels were found in all oat based foods marketed to children (!!!!). I originally wrote that in all caps, but I decided to chill.

Here’s an excerpt from the EWG:

A second round of tests commissioned by the Environmental Working Group found the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer in every sample of popular oat-based cereal and other oat-based food marketed to children. These test results fly in the face of claims by two companies, Quaker and General Mills, which have said there is no reason for concern. This is because, they say, their products meet the legal standards.

You can read more here and here.

We used the Bob’s Red Mill brand which was one of the organic brands tested. It, too, had small amounts of glyphosate, though nothing close to the levels in other foods, such as Cheerios.

Okay so enough focus on the problem, right? You all provided some great ideas and breakfast is back on track.

Take a look at the list below. Do you have one to add? Let me know if you make something and how it goes!

  • From Kristen: Acaii Bowls topped with fruit!
  • From Jess: ” I do paleo oatmeal often and it makes enough to store in small mason jars to grab out of the fridge anytime. 2 ripe bananas, 4 eggs, dash of cinnamon and about 1/4 cup almond flour for thickening. Cook on low/med. heat and then I put in jars and top with fruit and nuts.
    Oh, and Paleomg’s Greek yogurt waffles are delicious. “
  • From Katie: “Smoothie or açaí bowls! Top with fruit / nuts / seeds / coconut! Even some enjoy life chocolate chips 😉 we have also been loving making hashbrowns out of white sweet potatoes! Shredding them with the food processor and pan frying them. Much better for you than white potatoes and you won’t even miss them!”
  • From Lindsay:
    “We do gf/grain free pancakes or almond butter/banana sandwich.”
  • From Natalie:
    Peanut butter banana smoothie:
    (Makes 2 servings)
    – Banana (1 large or 2 small)
    – 2 tbs (heaping) Peanut butter
    – 4 tbs (heaping) Yogurt (plain— whole milk)
    – Coconut water or almond milk (to cover)
    – Ice cubes
    – Honey (about 1 tsp)
    – Coconut oil 1 tbs (heaping)
    – Flax 1 tbs
    – Collagen protein powder (2 scoops)
  • From Shea: Almond Flour Banana Muffins — We made a dozen of these and they were such a hit that they barely lasted until breakfast!
  • From Caitlin: “Almond flour pancakes. One cup almond flour, Two eggs, One ripe banana. I put everything in my nutribullet and blend it up. I usually add a teeny splash of coconut milk if the consistency looks too thin. Then, depended on the day I add cinnamon and honey and sometimes baking powder (to help fluff)”
  • Thanks Sneha for this link to other recipes!
  • My smart allec husband, Alex had this to say, and while he was joking about the fasting (I think), we’ve now done half an avocado with sea salt, followed by fruit a few times, and it’s been a hit.
    “Try fasting. Get them in a fat adapted state and then they won’t need breakfast. If not, I recommend a higher fat, moderate protein breakfast…cut the carbs so they don’t crash. Avocado, cacao butter (they like it), turkey, salmon…just a few ideas. Hope that helps.”

I find that the kids tend to like food more if they took part in preparing it. I also find that doing that requires a lot more patience, time and clean up, so its not feasible most days!

Thanks for reading! <3

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