What I Ate

I’ve been fairly flexible regarding my diet since Christmas and I’m yearning for the energy and clarity of ketosis, so this week, I’m working on getting back into it! I’ve had periods of ketosis since Christmas but they’ve been broken up by lots of cheating (#balance!). I am ready to get into a several day streak, and then cycle out intentionally (another topic, for another day).

I started using my Carb Manager app to track my macros again. I’ll post what I eat on here for the next few days for accountability and to show examples of what I eat on a daily basis when I’m on track.

I’ll also test my ketone levels daily and post the results.

Here was my day yesterday 1/13/2019. The frozen blueberries were worth every carb.

I tested at 10:45am using my Keto Mojo Ketone MeterKeto Mojo Ketone Meter this morning and was pleased to see the results below. I feel great! People often ask what a “good” ketone level is. My response is based on my personal experience… I think that everyone has a different sweet spot. I typically feel best  between 1.2 and 1.8, which is not considered a deep level of ketosis. Alex feels best in the 1.5-2.5 range. I’ve been higher than this but found that I did not feel as great as when I was in a lower range but I keep experimenting!

1/14/19 Log

I would not usually eat pork rinds but all of the Epic products were on sale at Whole Foods this weekend and they were sampling them and I got suckered in. They were delicious but I probably won’t buy them again because I don’t think that fits into my “clean keto” vision. I’ll test my ketone levels again in the morn.


I’ve felt great this morning. I definitely felt like I was in ketosis. I went to the gym and was excited to text when I got home. When I first tested, my ketone levels read 0.6, which surprised me. After a convo with my husband, he encouraged me to measure again later since ketone levels tend to lower after a workout. I measured at 1pm and was at 1.8.

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