Keto Tools

When I posted my “Top 5 Keto Tips for Beginners,” a lot of you followed up via DM with questions regarding coffee, measurement and other resources. Although I haven’t used my blog in almost four years, I thought I’d use it to provide all of the resources Alex and I love, in one place.

For our morning bulletproof coffee, we use the Bulletproof Coffee ground coffee, add Kerry Gold Unsalted Butter, Brain Octane Oil and Collagen Peptides and blend it all together for some creamy delicious goodness. I go to bed thinking about my morning BPC.

We measure our levels of ketosis using the KetoMojo Blood Ketone and Glucose monitor. This isn’t necessary but we like to geek out and compare levels. Romantic, I know.

Before committing to testing our blood, we used the urine test strips. They’re supposedly less accurate but I haven’t spent time comparing the two to find out for myself.

We also use electrolytes to stay hydrated. Alex loves the HiLyte brand. I prefer Nuun but they do have 4g of carbs so keep that in mind. Nuun has several flavors as well as caffeinated and regular options.

When I first started, I used the app Carb Manager to keep track of my carb intake.

If you have any other questions, let me know. I could talk about this all day!

*Just a note: Everything below this post was written at least four years ago. Proceed with caution :).

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