It’s a Love Story


(the moment he proposed!)

Dear Lucas,

Four years ago today your father asked me to marry him and I said yes, making it the best decision I’ve ever made (after loving Jesus, of course). The past four years have been a time full of love, laughter, fun and growth. They’ve been the happiest years of my life.

We’ve enjoyed many adventures in our time together.  We’ve traveled to St. Lucia, Mexico, Colombia, Italy and all over the US, learned to ski, hunted, went lobstering, attended a ton of weddings, caught lots of fish (your dad mostly) and have made countless other memories along the way. Of all our adventures, you’re our greatest. 


(from our engagement shoot)

Today, being the anniversary of one the the best moments in my life (and your father’s too, I trust) I wanted to share with you how we fell in love (don’t roll your eyes just yet, it’s a good one, I promise).

Your dad and I knew each other through mutual friends for a couple of years before we started dating. We’d see each other around during group get togethers but never spent much time talking or interacting. Some time in March 2010, I needed to come down to Sarasota for my friend Katie’s bridal shower. It was a late Friday afternoon and I was planning on heading south (from Tallahassee) after work. I was dreading the drive, partly because I already spent so much time on the road for my job. I was chatting online with my good friend, Eric, who always happened to be traveling somewhere on the weekends. I asked Eric if he was headed out of town and when he shared he was going to Clewiston, I told him about my pending drive to Sarasota. Eric, being the social glue, best-connector-ever that he is, told me his roommate Alex was headed that way too and that he’d be happy to drive me. I asked Eric if it would be awkward, spending that much time in a car with Alex, considering we’d really only ever had one conversation to date. Eric assured me that Alex was cool and that I’d like him. I accepted the offer from Eric to ride with Alex. This entire exchange took place without your dad’s knowledge.

Eric called Alex to ask him (tell him) if he’d be willing to drive me and he sort of begrudgingly accepted. He had big plans for big conversations during his 4.5 hour drive and now, with a girl he didn’t know too well in the car, he wouldn’t be able to have any of them.

Alex picked me up after work, in his perfectly clean car. I hopped in and we headed south. The next 4.5 hours were filled with the best conversations I’d ever had. We didn’t run out of things to talk about. There were no awkward pauses, no need to fill silence with music- only a desire to dig deeper into the person we were sitting next to. We talked about everything.

When we got to Sarasota and he dropped me off, my head was spinning. I knew something big had happened. I remember feeling as if I’d been spit out of the spin cycle of a washing machine and now, though the world was still, I was still spinning. A part of me knew I could and would love this man. He felt the same way about me.

The car ride back to Tallahassee on Sunday was equally perfect.

The reason Alex visited Sarasota that weekend was to get the wheels in motion for his move down here. He’d come to talk to his dad about working together. Alex moved to Sarasota roughly two weeks after that car ride. For weeks, we didn’t communicate, though I think we both wanted to.

A few weeks after he’d moved, I got an email from Alex just saying hello and checking in. I updated him on my life and told him I’d be back in Sarasota for Katie’s bachelorette weekend. We made lunch plans.

After that lunch, we starting talking regularly. In May, Katie would be getting married and it would be my next chance to see him. I didn’t ask him to be my date to the wedding but I did ask him to join us for the rehearsal night party and the post wedding day brunch.

I called to coordinate his meeting me on Sunday morning for brunch and he said he was having car trouble and wouldn’t be able to make it. Being as smitten as I’d been, I was super bummed out by this news. He told me to call before I left town and he’d try to meet up with me. So I did. He didn’t answer. I figured he was blowing me off and that maybe I’d been wrong about this guy. My sadness and I headed back to Tallahassee.

(at Katie & Jesse's rehearsal night party)

(at Katie & Jesse’s rehearsal night party)

While on I-75, Alex called. He apologized for missing the brunch and my call. I was a bit frustrated and skeptical so tried to act like I didn’t care and told him it was okay, that I would just see him next time I was in town (there was no next time on the books). He asked me to find an exit and that he’d come meet me wherever I was. How bold! I think my heart smiled. I found a Starbucks off exit 213 (I had not made it very far luckily) and he met me there. We spent four hours (four hours!) sitting there talking. Dinner time was approaching and Alex asked if I’d like to share a meal of food with him. We still laugh at how awkward his asking me on a date was. I said yes (of course) and we headed to Pei Wei. After that, he asked if I wanted dessert. We went to Target (there wasn’t really a better choice at the time) and bought ice cream.

Our coffee stop/dinner/dessert ended up to totaling about eight hours. I drove back to Tallahassee late, on cloud 9. I was so love drunk that the drive seemed to last nothing but a wink.

(celebrating my 26th birthday

(celebrating my 26th birthday

After that we kept finding ways to see each other. Luckily, work kept bringing me to SW Florida and we were able to see each other a couple of times before we finally made plans for me to come to Sarasota for the sole purpose of hanging out. I met the entire Morgan family that weekend as it was your uncle Chris’ birthday. Two weeks later, Alex met me in Miami for my birthday and met my whole family.

The following May 28, eleven months since we’d started dating, Alex proposed (you can read THAT great story here, from my old blog).  Eight months later, on January 28, we were married.

I know this letter is getting beyond long but I want you to know I couldn’t ask for a better husband than your father. In my prayers, I ask that you will be a husband like your dad some day. He has a servant’s heart toward me (us) and loves me the way I’m sure God intended for men to love their wives. We are blessed people, to be able to call him husband and dad.



One thought on “It’s a Love Story

  1. Tammy says:

    Wow!!! That last paragraph – – chills! Such a beautiful story/testimony of God’s grace and favor. Thank you for sharing with your Lucas and all of us!

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