Letters to Lucas


I’ve been a mom for about nine days now and in those nine days, I’ve found myself fighting to drink in every moment and to make sure I don’t forget any part of this crazy ride I’m getting to experience. I’ve texted and emailed myself tid bits of experiences, both major and mundane with this new little resident in my heart, to ensure I never forget about the time my heart exploded.

And, I started writing letters, written to my son Lucas, that I will some day give him. They’re sometimes funny, usually sappy (hi hormones) and serve to some day let him learn about his first few days on earth, outside the womb.


With all this disjointed documentation, I felt like I needed a better place to keep it all together. I had the idea of putting it all in one neat little package, and so this blog came to be.

So, feel free to join me on my venture into motherhood by reading the memories, stories and letters to my son, Lucas.

PS- I used to have a blog but last time I posted was in 2011. All of my old posts have been imported to this site. Any post older than this one is from worlds away, three or more years ago.

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