The First Goodbye

It was more emotional than I thought it’d be, saying good-bye to my yoga teacher last night.  My best in town girls treated me to a final, private session with Emily. As we hugged in the parking lot, sweaty and exhausted, I wanted to tell her how much better my Mondays are because of her. To tell her that I love starting my week with her Open Flow II class and that her encouragement has made me brave enough to try standing on my head. But, not fully recovered from the hard heart I once had, I didn’t let myself get emotional or be exposed. Instead, I scurried for a joke to water the moment down so that we could part ways before I revealed, even if only to myself, the truth I’ve been avoiding, I’m going to miss this place.

The good-bye was maybe forever, hopefully not. And I know it may sound absolutely over dramatic to have this sort of moment with a fitness instructor, but the big picture is that this was my first good-bye of many to come over the next few days and last night, I realized that. The thought overwhelms me.

I thought I’d have more time. To say my farewells, see everyone at church, go swimming with Ashley once more. But my time got cut short and so this weekend, we’re packing up the trailer and heading south. I started the list below a while ago and it got me teary eyed. I started the list before I knew if I was actually going to move and if so, when. I’ve had my fair share of I hate Tallahassee moments but looking at this list, I can’t imagine any better way to have spent the last 3.5 years.

First Fridays in Thomasville with the girls.

My college small group girls.

Leading them with Allison Lee

Doing the Need to Know with Matthew and Dave and Adam.

1518 Colonial

Emily’s monday yoga class with Teri and Ash.


The faces of The Well

Dinner with The Hills.

Sushi at Masa

Living with Heather

Chinese Chicken salads at Andrew’s

Being Heather & Wayne’s 3rd Wheel

Being Teri & Adam’s 3rd Wheel

Anything at the Cortese’s house, especially in their front yard

Matthew’s cupcakes/cakes/anything he made

Dean’s Sermons

Giana’s voice on Sunday morning

Teri’s voice any day

Being able to get anywhere fast.

El Tap

Pepper’s Quesadilla Rellena

The good mojitos but bad service at Chez Pierre

Nights of getting my closet (life) together with Teri

Complaining about Tally with Ashy

Bike rides that end up being longer than expected

Anything with the Doss family around

My old small group girls



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