Here Comes the Bride (No, No, Not Me)

I leave for Sarasota tomorrow for Katie & Jesse’s wedding. My brain is already on vacation mode though! The bridesmaids and I will be wearing beautiful gowns by Laundry: Shelli Segal. This weekend is going to be amazing! I am so excited to be a part of it. I have a sweet surprise for Katie that she doesn’t know about. For now, I need to figure out my words for a bridesmaid speech and work on Katie’s scrapbook page that I was supposed to have done by her bachelorette party!

The Bride.


The Venue.

Bride & Bridesmaids.

Katie enjoying the scrapbook I haven’t contributed to.

Have a great weekend! I am sure I will be tweeting pictures of the fun. Follow Jovanitta84 for updates!