there’s something happening here

There is something starting that will hopefully be a huge movement for our church and I am excited (excited enough to blog) about it! In May, The Well is going to start bringing all its young professionals together twice a month to… well, play! It starts with Happy Hour at Chez Pierre and from there, who knows? 

The Well’s Young Professionals Group started out as an idea between 5 women sitting around in my living room. After a few phone calls to Matthew, it was settled- the social group would start. 

I went to The Well before it was “The Well”, when it was just 20something people sitting in Dean’s parents’ house. Scot Simmons led us in Everlasting God and it was the first time I’d heard a Christian song. It was the first time I’d been to a Christian Church (after all, it’s about the people, not the building).  Like many of the people sitting in the living room that day, I was still in college. Two and a half years later, most of us have graduated and new college kids joined our church. Many of us older folk get the honor of leading the students who were once in our place, but we don’t have a place to really find and interact with one another. 

A need (want) has been growing for this and soo ta-da! – A solution. 

I love that The Well is a living, malleable organization that can grow and change and flex to fit its members’ needs without a lot of red tape. No bureaucracies or politics; just ideas and action.  Within a week, this random idea spawned from a conversation, became a real thing, on a real agenda (and hopefully soon, with a cool graphic (: , Matthew).

This goes to say, I hope you’ll join us. Thursday, May 6, 2010 from 7-9PM @ Chez Pierre. It doesn’t matter if you’re married or not, if you currently have a job or not or even if you go to The Well or not. Come for a cocktail and a conversation and the promise of new friends.

You in?