I have a new, few Fridays a month job as a bartender at a new bar in town, Versailles [I don’t think think they have a website yet]. On Friday nights, Versailles is going to target the old folks in town [by old I mean the 23+ crowd (:] so part of my job is to help get them there.

This past weekend was my first night behind the bar and I had a blast. I loved the random encounters and conversations with the people that came in. There hasn’t been a grand opening perse, so the bar was relatively empty most of the night. That was a good thing considering I haven’t worked behind a bar since I was in college three years ago [three long, long years ago] and when I did work at a bar it was at Chubbys- I wasn’t exactly pouring martinis in glass containers.

So anyway, I hope you come visit! First round is on me [just mention this ad, haha].  Thanks to all my small group girls and my Heath for coming out to support me on my first night [and for not sending your drinks back if they weren’t good].  You rock.