The New Year’s Resolutions- 22 Days Later


It’s been 22 whole days since 2010 started. How are you doing with all those resolutions you made? Can you even remember them? I know a lot of you didn’t make any, and that’s cool too. I respect that.

Last year, Heather and I made a laundry list of resolutions that were posted on this blog and on our fridge, alongside pages from the Victoria’s Secret catalog. We superimposed our heads on Marissa, Heidi, etc’s bodies. Anyway, that list quickly came off and disappeared into some great abyss or another, never to be seen or thought of again.

And how many of those resolutions did we keep? Half of one. Half!

So this year, I chose three things to make a valiant effort to do.


1. Live Within My Means

This means, no AMEX [it’s my only CC]. Every month, I can spend what I earn and that’s it [can you imagine that?]. Seems simple enough but I guarantee you, not many people in America do it. Does the phrase sub-prime mortgage crisis ring a bell? I’ve been doing good on this one! I did overdraft twice last month but I am considering that a growing pain. A punishment for my lack of discipline. I haven’t given in though.


2. Be Happier/Less Serious/Have More Fun [you get the idea]

Somewhere in the past two years, I managed to lose a lot of my joie de vivre. I got all of a sudden too serious, too rigid, too….old. I am 25, not 65. I need to start acting my age a little bit. I think I’ve been doing good at this one as well. I’ve made an effort to go out and not do things I don’t want to do for the sole purpose of pleasing others. I’m letting more fun in and changing my frame of mind.


3. Read More Periodicals

At the training I attended in Arizona, a lot was discussed about globalization [of everything] and the importance of keeping up with current events. So not only learning by reading books but also by reading magazines and newspapers. On this one, I have to admit I am slacking. I have a few issues of TIME and one of MONEY [which is like Japanese to me, I don’t understand the half of the magazine that isn’t ads] to catch up on. I’ve read my Women’s Health and American Photo. Yesterday, I purchased People- I wanted to read about Heidi [lame, I know].


If you’ve fallen behind on whatever your resolutions are, have no fear. You still have 353 days to catch up!

Conquer 2010.



One thought on “The New Year’s Resolutions- 22 Days Later

  1. af bullock says:

    hi pretty,

    love this.
    where’d you find the last quote, ps?

    living within my means
    has been my biggest effort recently, too.

    it takes some assesing,
    but i have found it to be rather freeing.

    ps, thanks for the blog award.
    will acknowledge on monday.


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