Sucky Holiday Traditions Part I


There are a few new holiday traditions [we’ll go with that because I don’t know what else to call them] that blatantly stink.  I’m not talking about the ones passed down from generation to generation through families and friends. They’re the ones my lazy, immediate gratification seeking generation has developed. And today, I’d like to shed light on one [not sure how many more, if any, there are]:

The Mass Text

Happy Thanksgiving! They say. Well hey, thanks, you too.


Honestly, if you really want to wish me a happy Thanksgiving or a Merry Christmas or a __________ ___________, then wish me it. Not every dope in your phone book. I think someone needs to create a text-merge app. Like a mail merge but for texts. Then at least no one would know mass texters were mass texting.

Mass Holiday Texts are the equivalent of a back-handed compliment, a thanks but no thanks. You didn’t really mean what you just said.

Thanksgiving came and went and well, we can’t dwell on the past. So for this Christmas, let’s all make a pact. No Mass Texts. None.

If you care about someone enough to wish them a Merry Christmas, then care enough to make it individualized. Include a holiday wish for them. Send a bible verse, whatever. But don’t, please don’t send your entire Outlook Contacts collection a generic “Merry Christmas”. It just isn’t worth it.

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