No thanks, I’ll just have some water.

I have so much crap. I really do. I never have enough hangers for all my clothes (yet never have anything to wear) and my shoes are a few rows too deep.

I don’t need it all. But I am a consumer, a happy purchaser of all things marketed. I really think I’m sticking it to the man when I walk in to a store, Amex in hand, armed with discounts they’ve sent me themselves. In the too-true words of Drew: “Jovanna, if you were winning, they wouldn’t do it.” I hate it when he’s right.

Anyway, now to my point! This Christmas, if you were planning on getting me a gift, don’t run to the store. Don’t go anywhere- you are right where you need to be.

Last year, my church (The Well) came together and donated over $14,000 to build a water well in Rwanda during our Christmas service (yes, in just ONE day)! This year, we hope to raise money to build TEN wells. By partnering with Living Water International, we are bringing clean water to those who need it- more desperately than I need a new ___________.

I am serious. I know a lot of people say, “don’t get me anything just donate to charity on my behalf” and they don’t mean it. I do. I really do. So if you were planning on getting me a present, or heck, even if you weren’t click here and donate a few pennies (it only costs $.98 to get water to one person for a full year!) and save a few lives… talk about a kickstart to your New Year’s Resolution!

So mom, sister, secret santa, neighbor, cousin, friend, best friend, sorority sister, co-worker, property manager, Gate Store worker, random blog reader, whoever you are… get to it!

Clean Water for Christmas Promo from The Well Media on Vimeo.

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