The House that Love Built

Two years ago, Katie decided she was going to move to California for a change of scenery. Almost two years ago, fate put a little twist in her plan. A few days after quitting her job as a receptionist at a Chiropractic clinic in Sarasota, to get ready for her cross-country move, Katie ran into a patient she’d checked in (and apparently checked out) a time or two before; Jesse Biter.

Out at the Gator Club, he told her he knew he’d run into her someday and that day was it. Jess asked Katie on a date and two weeks later, when Katie was supposed to take off for California, she told Jesse she couldn’t leave because she thought they were put on this planet for one another. Sometimes you just know, right?IMG_3113 

She was right and the two will be married on May 15.

At the time, Jesse was building a condo overlooking Sarasota Bay. With his crazy work schedule, it was hard to keep up with all the contractors, designers, painters, etc. so he tasked Katie with being his pseudo project manager for the condo. Now the condo is finished and it is absolutely incredible. Here is a glimpse of parts of it.

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