The Biggest Fear of All


I have a silly fear. And last night, I faced it….boldy and not so much by choice. It’s something that was nothing that I’ve built up to be a big thing.

I’m not scared of much (except sleeping with my TV off). I can speak in public, ride on roller coasters, look at spiders..etc. But.

I can’t pray out loud.

I don’t know why but it just makes me nervous and uncomfortable. I guess I fear that I’ll babble or that my prayer won’t be Godly enough or serious enough.  It’s stupid, I know. On so many levels.

Well, last night, at the college bible study, Matthew– that rascal, asked me to say the closing prayer. Out loud. In front of everyone. I couldn’t show my true colors and let everyone down so I sucked it up. Bowed my head and let it loose. I am sure I was red the entire time but that’s okay because no one could tell considering our eyes were closed and heads were bowed.

I survived.  And no, I am not particularly looking forward to the next time I get called out (Matthew totally knew of this irrational fear of mine) to do it but I am happy to say I am capable and maybe a little less unwilling.

I know we all have some dumb fear or phobia that we wish we could let go of. If you tell me what it is, I’ll hook you up with a Matthew:esque call out!

6 thoughts on “The Biggest Fear of All

  1. Alexis says:

    I thought you did a really good job praying! I couldn’t tell you were nervous at all 🙂 That’s one of my big fears too, so I definitely feel your pain.

  2. Lawson says:

    Just be glad you weren’t on the couch in front of the entire church when he asked you to pray out loud. 🙂

  3. Rebecca Stewart says:

    omg as i was reading the beginning i thought to myself, “i bet it’s not as dumb as being afraid of praying outloud!” HA! Good thing i made Matthew swear he wouldn’t ever call me out!

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