Love, the greatest of all things


I remember when I first joined Zeta, the older girls used to say “the girls in this room will be your bridesmaids, your friends for the rest of your life”. That was drilled in our heads from rush, on.

I always thought ‘well maybe, but probably not… people grow apart, move away, and lose touch.’  That was the typical, cynical, hard hearted way of thinking I used to sport.

I went through my 4 years of Zeta milking the experience for everything it had. I was involved, lived in the house 3 years and did everything I could to hold on to the girls I thought I would someday lose. I never thought that three years out of college the line I heard on my first day would hold true.

the girls in this room will be your bridesmaids…

Katie will be getting married next year and two of us will be standing at her side. When I get married there will definitley be some Zeta love up front with me.recently-updated

friends for the rest of your life

It’s been three years and we’ve [mostly] all moved away, scattered throughout the US, mostly in NY and FL… some in CA and CO.

And while the distance does make it harder to stay involved with one another, when we all get together it’s like the sting of separation never occurred, like we never stopped living a door or two down from eachother. n5209103_32000999_5396

I was so happy to have most of my pledge class in town this weekend [ally, claire, chels, courtney, jess, katie, kelly, melissa c & b, nicole, shannon, stacy]. I missed the girls who couldn’t make it [berko, leah, whit, daley, chels c, brock, nat….]. And I am happy that we’ve committed to this tradition of getting everyone together once a year [hopefully more once people start getting hitched!].

My friends left Sunday afternoon after a trip to Bagel Bagel. A little while later I had to go to the New Member meeting to help out with the new little Zetas [who were born in 1990] and couldn’t help but to hope that they are as lucky in their experience as I was.

remembering always that the foundation precept of Zeta Tau Alpha was love, “the greatest of all things.”n5205587_13294025_9443

2 thoughts on “Love, the greatest of all things

  1. Claire says:

    Hey Jo Jo! Love this!! Trips like this weekend make me cherish my days at ZTA ( even though I wasnt always the most involved 🙂 ) it was so great seeing you this weekend and thanks for hosting us on Saturday!

    P.S im a huge fan of the blog!

  2. Emery says:

    Jovanna, that is SO TRUE! I think about how they told us that when we were new members all of the time too. You thought that they “just had to say that”. The word “sister” becomes all too true.

    I miss you and hope you’re well. I read your blog often and it makes me smile 🙂


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