When You’re Traveling on Sunday

Pam and I are on the road. 125 miles into our Key West / Naples commute. I thought I’d take some time off from staring out the window  to share my Sunday with you.

It started with a 5 a.m. alarm (which was only two hours later than when I’d fallen asleep. The anxiety of sleeping through my alarm kept me up almost to it). After getting dressed in an awful outfit and finishing my packing I headed to the airport. At check in they  wouldn’t let me check two bags. None of the Delta people could figure out why the computer was blocking the two bag option. One clerk  finally said “Oh!  That’s because you’re flying into Key West. You can only check one bag when flying into Key West.”

I had two bags to check, one carry-on plus my purse. Pam and I scurried to stuff all my belongings into one suitcase. This was not easy. I was sure my suitcase would burst mid flight causing some unexpected turbulence. I had nowhere to put the now empty suitcase so I let the Delta clerk keep it as a gift.

Just a thought, if you booked a flight to a destination that only allowed one checked bag wouldn’t you expect a glaring, rather large, disclaimer telling you so? Just a thought Delta.

After security Pam and I boarded the plane only to sit on the tarmac for almost an hour and then deplane. The rain in Atlanta caused a ground stop for all flights. After reboarding, we finally took off for  Atlanta at the time we were supposed to be landing in Atlanta. As we  rolled in I watched our connection to Key West pull away from the gate
with the two of us not on board. At least we knew not to bother running.

It was now about 9:45 a.m. and the next flight to Key West didn’t leave until 2:55 p. m.  And it was full, so we were on stand by. Unfortunately so were about 12 others. We knew we’d better come up with a Plan B. All the flights to Miami were also full that day so flying into there and driving down was not an option.

After some brainstorming we decided we’d just have to sacrifice the Key West portion of our itinerary. We’d fly into Fort Lauderdale and then drive over to Naples. Pam negotiated with the Delta people and rebooked us on to a Fort Lauderdale flight. So much for not checking two bags. In the mean time I changed our Avis reservation.

We took the train down to terminal A after some Au Bon Pain and successfully boarded a flight. I had the pleasure of sitting in the  middle seat (I’m a window kinda girl) with a lady wearing way too much Brighton jewelry and perfume who was texting “Bob my sweetie” (yes I peeked, she was too close not to!) to my left. She probably owned a shitzu.

After a much needed nap, we were in Fort Lauderdale. The flight attendant asked passengers to shut the window covers in order to keep the plane cool. Pam broke hers. Woops.

We deplaned. Sweet success! Almost. Down to baggage claim and guess what? Yep, Pam and I were in Fort Lauderdale and our bags? Well they were in Key West of course. The soonest they could be in Fort Lauderdale was the following day. Our outfits were hardly fitting for business meetings.

The baggage claim lady assured us driving to Key West and picking up our bags was the best idea. We picked up a rental, fueled up on diet coke and wheat thins and were on our way.

Four long hours later, after a total of 13 showerless travel hours, we arrived at our Key West hotel. Just as we’d planned, right?

I was comatose level asleep by 10:00 p.m.

Are you tired from reading this yet? We sure were but through it all, we remained in good spirits and in typical Jovanna and Pam fashion, managed to have a few good laughs. Yesterday was a disaster of sorts but a good attitude made a world of difference. I highly recommend it, especially when travelling.

We are now an hour away from Naples. We have two meetings there and then we head back to Miami for the night.

In the next few days we will visit 8 more cities. More good stories to come.


(Just another classy bathroom stop)


In this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33

(verse courtesy of Pamela)

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