Congrats Grad

This past Saturday, my little cousin Tony became the second Gomez to ever graduate from college. We’re moving up in this world!

Momma and tia Esther came up for the big to-do. They were very impressed with Tallahasee. I realized it’s easy to be impressed with Tallahassee when you’re only here for three days! I took them to Chez Pierre for Friday Happy Hour, Bella Bella for dinner, then to the Winery for some jazz. Saturday we had lunch at Masa, dinner/drinks at 101 and for desert, got to go to the swanky film school after party thanks to master planner Ashley.

I hope my momma realizes there will be no where to take her next time she comes as we covered all the good/decent places already. Am I missing any?

[I’m so proud of my little primo: don’t I look proud]


[And so are mom and tia!]


[Look how excited they are!]


[Oh and pops too! Can’t forget pops]


[So grad, any words of wisdon for us?]

[And Sara, my roommate-til-she-got-married friend graduated from grad school! I Where’s Waldo-ed her out of a group shot]


Congrats c/o 2009!

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