Making Something Out of Nothing

I still don’t have a kitchen.

Victoria Grand told me that once I paid the money needed to fix my fire damage, it would be 1-2 business days before I got a new microwave and 3-4 business days before I got the stove replaced.

I got the microwave within 5 business days but it has now been 13 long, cooking-less business days without a stove top. It’s super annoying and although I’ve called management, I keep getting promises of “the missing part should be here today” but no follow through. Worst part is, there’s nothing I can do about it really. Right Lynn or Lawton or other lawyer friends?


I am sick of sammy’s for dinners and I can’t afford to keep going out to eat for every meal. Here is how a conversation with Drew recently went:

Drew: What are we going to do for dinner?

Me: I’m not sure but I am sick of going out to eat.

Drew: So what do you want to do?

Me: I have two steaks in the freezer. Maybe I can defrost them and cook them in the toaster oven.

Drew: You can’t cook steak in a toaster over.

Me: Yes you can.

Drew: No, you can’t. I’ll just come over and we’ll figure out where to go.

Me: Sounds good.

Of course by the time he got to my house the steaks were defrosted and half way cooked in my toaster oven (stubborn much?).

img_2339 I cooked the meat on a bed of salt, sugar, pepper and ginger. I scrounged up whatever else was left in my fridge and pantry and decided to make a southwest salad.img_2337img_2338

Ta-Da!! Doesn’t it look good?  To be honest, the steak was a little tough but I think it’s because I used the microwave to defrost. Microwaves as a means to defrost are always a bad idea in my book. img_2341img_2342

Oh, and here’s Drewski mocking me: “You taking pictures so you can put this on your blo-og?”img_2343

Ungrateful little…. jk :).

Anyway, so when life gives you lemons, make a southwest salad!

One thought on “Making Something Out of Nothing

  1. Lynn says:

    You could call up your landlord, and say that under Florida law (pursuant to section 83.51, Florida Statutes, to be exact) they have an obligation to maintain the premises. In landlord/tenant law, there’s an implied warranty of habitability, and without a stove, you’re unable to use the premises to its fullest extent.

    Also, the Landlord gave you an oral promise to get you a stove within 5 days, and he’s in breach of that promise.

    Be aggressive, Jo!

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