Not sure if procrastinator is the right word for what I am about to describe…. but, being that I can’t think of a better term at the current moment, procrastinator it will have to be.

I have a few consistent to-do’s that I like to brush off, leave for later. So later that they often don’t get done at all.

It’s not that I despise to do them, it’s more like I’ve set up this avoidance game in my head where I see how long I can go without submitting to the task. Not for any reason really.

What’s weird is I feel oh so good after I do these to-do’s really. Like an enormous weight being lifted off my shoulders, giving me new strength to tackle life with.  It doesn’t make sense why I avoid them in the first place.

And there is a very clear cut hierarchy of I don’t like to do you-ness about them where one often serves as an escape to the other. Very oxymoronish, I know.

So what are they?

1. Working out   2. Cleaning my room   3. Reading my bible

Nothing makes me want to clean my room like remembering I have to read my bible. Nothing makes me want to read my bible like remembering I should work out. Nothing makes me want to work out (lately).

It’s a good thing that the “I’ll do this instead of that”  loophole is in there. If not, I suppose I’d turn into a fat, messy, heathen, no?

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