Caribbean Green

That’s my color.

A while ago, I blogged about meeting author Rick Smith on an airplane. He told me about his book The Leap (which I’ve since read) and the Primary Colors Assesment Test that was to go with it.  Well, I took the test earlier this week and I must say, it’s pretty right-on about me. Here’s some of what Caribbean Green means:

Your primary color is characterized by an excellent balance between leadership and execution. You also have an affinity for the creative activities also found in the Red color spectrum. However, while you like to involve yourself in the creative process you tend to be more people oriented and outward facing – often desiring to lead or play a significant role in a team environment. It is typical for people in this part of the color spectrum to be hands-on in their management approach but comfortable in delegating responsibilities to others. You are an excellent listener, and incorporate others suggestions.

I wouldn’t call myself an excellent listener but, I’ve been working on it.

So, what’s your color? What will the test say about you? Take it and find out and tell me about it!

I haven’t done Friday favorite in like a month. Way to be consistent Jovanna! This week’s goes to Dr.Matthew Robinson for the I Do post on his blog. That video definitely made my morning better!

6 thoughts on “Caribbean Green

  1. Matthew says:

    A bucket list item is now crossed off. I’ve made Jo’s Friday Favorite list. My life is now complete.

    As for me, Jo, I’m deep shades of Brass Band. Here’s what it says:

    Logic and analysis tend to be hallmarks of this color cluster. You are likely to be known as the “idea” person who comes up with new processes, approaches, innovative solutions and alternatives. While you may like structure (and, in fact, need it to be productive) you will thrive in situations that value your intellect and analytically abilities. Those with this primary color can be quite intense and focused when presenting or defending a new idea about which they are passionate.

    People in this color area come in two distinct flavors; those who are very logical and base actions and decisions on facts and those who are equally analytical but make more use of their intuition and “gut feelings.” The latter will, never-the-less, tend to verify their intuition with facts and hard data. While you can work effectively with others and can be a good team player, you may prefer to operate as an independent contributor. Strategic planners can be frequently found in this color area.

  2. Scott Simmons says:

    “New Fallen Snow”
    (absolute center of the color swatch)

    People who fall in to this color group are relatively few and far between. You have an excellent balance among the primary colors combining Leadership, Curiosity and Execution. It is likely that you enjoy and are good at most of the primary aspects of general management, though you may sometimes have difficulty making a firm decision and moving on.

    You tend to approach tasks with logic but will frequently tap into your intuition to arrive at solutions. Your curiosity and exploratory intellect frequently leads to creativity and innovation though you will also demonstrate a penchant for the practical rather than the idealistic solution. You will do best when building teams or coalitions and working as a member or leader of a team made up of individuals who are specialists or experts in their own field. As you tend to be curious and drawn to exploring many alternatives, the challenge will be to focus and demonstrate decisiveness.

    You enjoy working with and being around other people but will need time alone to process complex information. It is likely that you have the ability to recognize broad patterns and organize seemingly disconnected pieces of the puzzle. You are probably empathic and capable of understanding and responding to the complexity of people, organizations and processes more effectively than most others.

    Thanks for the insight into me, J.

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