hi, it’s me. jovi.

I’ve been out of town and out of touch for a few days. 

I’m done with Twitter. Oh sweet, pointless Twitter. (Don’t you miss it, right to the left?)

Oh and my Facebook? Sayonara onethousandplus friends whom I didn’t really remember. Did you notice? Yes you did, of course. But only because half your tagged pictures are gone. All almost threethousand of my snapshots done-zo. Outta Facebook, in to virtual abyss.

So why all this? Why now?

A few weeks ago, I wrote about being distracted. Then I gave up TV. And it was nice (I still haven’t watched an entire show).

So I thought (was suggested-to-me, rather), hey, why not? Why not continue the distraction minimization? 

After a few key strokes I was done with my virtual-ness. gone. like a freight train. like yesterday. gone. 

So, if you want to heywhatsup me, you’re gonna have to call. Or write. Or comment on one of these guys. 

And I’ll be looking forward to it. But hey, if I had a Twitter or a FB Status, it’d tell you I’m outta here. Mexico bound. Tomorrow 3:05pm. 

For now, I leave you with this:


2 thoughts on “hi, it’s me. jovi.

  1. teri andrea says:

    i’m an idiot. so after i read this i texted you asking if you’d be at kickboxing, when clearly i read that you were gone to mexico.

    see… i need your status update to keep me in line! miss seeing you, and hoping that mexico is wonderful!

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