Friday Favorite

A four day week and still, Friday could not have come sooner. My favorite blog post this week was a short one by Dean called Tension.

He posted this quote on there: I feel like I am too worldly for the Church and too religious for the World.

I feel like that very often- like a state of limbo. I rarely know which side of the line I’m dancing on. Actually, I rarely know where the line lies.

I helped lead The Well’s college girls community group (you all were awesome) on Wednesday and we discussed what that quote looks like. I wish I had a neat little package to summarize it for you but truth is, it was over an hour’s worth of awesome discussion (sorry boys!). 

And Matt, don’t worry, the meal was awesome.

On a different note…

My boss was on CNBC’s Closing Bell again yesterday. What a rock star! Watch his debate on Obama’s plan for regulatory overhaul. Anyone have an opinion on this?