Oh mister sun, you rascal

I love[d] baking in the sun.

Somehow, Saturdays where I did nothing but toast under UV rays with a coat of baby oil on for hours on end felt productive.

[Well, I didn’t get anything done with my life today but at least I’ll be tan this week]

I’ve always been a freckly kid and recently, I started to notice some of those freckles expand and change and call out to me for attention. So a few weeks back I went and let my attention craving freckles have a chat with the dermatologist. They were all fine with the exception of one little fellow  on my torso.

He was asymmetrical and so Dr.Ford took a little piece of him off to find out what his deal was. Turns out my asymmetrical friend is [was] moderately abnormal and he could maybe lead to melanoma some day.

So, he got cut out.

No biggie right? I figured I’d rather have a little scar than a big freckle.

Well, one chunk of skin and seven stitches later, I think I changed my mind. This stupid thing is big and it hurts and I woke up 80932 times last night because of the pain.

Serves me right for never ever wearing sunscreen. 

The pictures below are of my scar and of the chunk of skin that got cut out. They are really gross so if you’re squeamish [I’m not, really] don’t click on them. 

But if you do click on them, notice how thick what they cut out is…


3 thoughts on “Oh mister sun, you rascal

  1. Megan Leigh says:

    WOW Jovanna that was a big guy! I need to go check out my buddies too! Thanks for the heads up!

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