It’s Friday! My Favorite

Friday Favorite this week goes to Rick Smith’s Redford Unplugged: How to Self-Promote Without Feeling Like a Shit-Head.

The post got me thinking, with all the media outlets available to everyone, we can’t choose to hide anymore. At least not completely. Whether consciously or not, we are all slowly building an image or brand for ourselves. Because my generation is the first to grow up in this rather exposed way of life (ex: thousands of facebook pics, YouTube Profiles, Twitter, etc.), we don’t have the mistakes of generations past to learn from.

If we can become keenly aware of the “brand” we are building for ourselves, it may be easier to sell ourselves, ie our brand.  Best quote from the post:

“First, they will create a brand for you.  Next, you begin to act like your brand.  Finally, you become your brand.  This is the dangerous path that has led so many people toward personal destruction.  Realize that your brand and the person you are inside are not always aligned.  Manage your brand over time, but hold on fiercely to who you really are.  Don’t ever let them take that away from you.”