R Squared

You know how there are just some people in life that are verifiably, inexplicably awesome? You know, the kind that have the ability to take your day up a few notches from an 8 to a solid 10 with just one encounter? I’m lucky to have a few of those in my life… today, meet Rocco Ricco. No, that’s not really his name- it’s really Joseph, but you wouldn’t know it because Rocco goes by Rocco, even at school.

You can’t have a name like Rocco and be lame. That would be like breaking some unwritten yet enforcable rule. I am happy to report though, that this Rocco surpases all expectations.

2 thoughts on “R Squared

  1. jason says:

    One of my best friends Lauren “ROCCO” and ur boy riccy “ROCCO” could do some serious damage in the Hollywood Comedy world. Perhaps they are were of the same universe in a former life….

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