A Spa Faux Pas

It’s so much easier to copy my gchats onto here as a means for sharing my life’s mishaps. Check out this story. If you know me, you’ll have one word for this: typical.

Ashley: how much did you love your massage?
me: it was so good
  i didnt tell you my spa faux pax
 Ashley: nope

me: its kinda long to type but ill try
  ok so ive only gotten 1 massage prior to this.
  so i get in my robe we go to the little room…
and she says ok, let’s start with you on your stomach. im going to walk out of the room and let you get on the bed face down
  I complied but i did think it was a little weird that she didnt say take a blanket from the basket or anything like that
  so i laid face down, exposed
Ashley: oh my word
 me: and im thinking its so weird while im waiting for her to walk in… like wonderingif i should grab a blanket or what
  and so she walks in and sees me… toosh out in the air. says “ooops! ill let you get under the covers” and walks out, clearly in shock/embarrassed for me
but the covers blended so well with the sheet that i couldnt tell!
  i didnt know there were covers!
 Ashley: thats hysterical
  i’m crying
 me: lol
  it was soo embarrasing
Ashley: good thing it was a woman
  that’s so funny
 me: yeah.. she tried to make me feel better about it
 and said “at least youre not a big naked man”
  but i was def like omg Jovanna you are quite the idiot
Ashley: thats so embarassing
me: tell me about it