God > or = GPS

me:  did u quit church?
Eric:  no, why do you say that?
 me:  lol because u havent been there
 Eric:  i have, i just wasn’t there this week or last week
out of town last weekend…..lost track of time working on my boat yesterday
 Eric:  prob going to miss  at least two of the next
three weekends if not all three
 me:  wow.. well I think me too actually
 Eric:  summer is tough
 Eric:  we should keep a tally
 me:  of who goes more oftne?
 Eric:  of who misses and why and what excuses are valid and which are not
 me:  deal. last night = not valid
 Eric:  ha, not totally, i did get my GPS wired in and reorganized the entire garage
me:  still
 Eric:  and fixed the fuel line and ran the dogs
 me:  God is bigger than GPS
hes the only GPS you need
 Eric:  God is bigger than everything

One thought on “God > or = GPS

  1. Megan Leigh says:

    what would i do sitting infront of a computer all day w/o the entertainment of your blog and the blogs of others!!!! Quick slacking girl!!!! My job doesnt pay me to just do work! have a good memorial weekend!!!! ❤ u!

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