One Friday to the Next

I didn’t post all week. I’m a bum. I know. But I was in Tampa for work and had ’round the clock things ta dooo.

Got to sneak away to play with my friend Court who I miss oh so much. The girl has started doing Bikram voga and her arms are like whoa. Maybe I need to trade my tennies for a mat?

Best read of the week goes to Ang again. That girl has such incredible talent. Sometimes, when I’m reading her stuff, sifting through her emotions, I start to think they’re my own. And then I have to wonder; wait. Was she there? Inside my head? Inside my heart?

I’m serious.  Read it. If your heart has ever hurt, even just a little bit, you’ll know what I mean.

Random Facts:

Had McDonald’s 2X this week.

Had 2 pre-dinner dinners this week. One was sushi. One was McDonald’s. Do they cancel eachother out?

I had salads for my main courses @ work dinners but calamari and sliders (with cheese) as apps. Do they cancel eachother out?

100cameras.tallahassee rocked. I can’t wait to do it again. Big ol’ Thank yous to Mint Lounge & Captive Eyes for donating their space!

Wowsie Kohly is the best house guest ever.


I sold out to my staunch opposition to powder makeup and bought Bare Minerals. Good good stuff.

I can’t wait for Wednesday 11ish pee em.

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