An Argument for the Ages

I fell asleep the other night watching the 1932 movie Reserved for Ladies. It is the story of about a girl and a boy who fall in, well, lust. The girl is actually Countess Ricarddi and she falls in love with a waiter named Max.

 There is one particular scene in the movie that got to me. I am so happy I found a clip online! Watch it here. I promise it’s worth it.

reservedforladiescountesspeggy_vd_104x78_022520090235In the scene, Countess Ricarddi (Played by Benita Hume, not that we know who she is) is on the phone, while in the bathtub (only girls do this). She is talking to her secret waiter lover and asks “Why haven’t you phoned me?” and to his lame excuse she says “Oh you brute, I never want to see you again”, followed immediately by “When are you going to come up?”.

So, here’s this Countess who’s filandering with the head waiter at the hotel she is staying in and SHE is calling HIM from her BATH asking him to play. How does this even work? Why do we girls let the scales get so unbalanced? Doesn’t it seem like he should totally be pursuing her (waiter/countess, come on!)? And, really, why didn’t he call? I know he likes her because he absolutely freaks out in the next scene where she calls and makes a reservation at his restaurant. He is beside himself in excitement, anticipation and anxiety.

So why are girls and boys so different? Why do we communicate in absolutely different ways? And why is it so hard for either side to give in, even just a little?  I don’t have the answers. No one does apparently.

I am glad though, that this is not a new epidemic, that my girlfriends and I didn’t just happen to live and date during the boys-don’t-know-anything era.  It’s a condition that started back in Eden and will likely continue til’ the end of time. So for now, we’ll grin, bear it and spend entirely too much time analyzing you.

2 thoughts on “An Argument for the Ages

  1. cheryl tucker says:

    jovanna, you were right. could this possibly apply MORE??? i think not. you gotta the countess’ spirit!

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