Two Threes

Odd things have been happening to me more so than the usual. Here’s three:
1. I got carded for buying NyQuil at Wal-Mart. Do I not look 18?
2. Earlier, on Facebook, I lost 1000 of my “friends” and the 300 I had weren’t my friends at all. They were strangers! It was so weird.. I couldn’t see your profile. Then, like magic, it just snapped back.
3. I woke up to the sounds of my neighbor (I don’t say neighbors because I only heard one person) having sex this morning. I tried hitting snooze but his moans were too disturbing. I wonder which neighbor it was?

It must be the moon…

I went to Trinity Catholic’s talent show this morning. There were a few comedians. Top 3 elementary jokes I heard today:
1. Why couldn’t anyone play cards on Noah’s Ark?
…Because there was an elephant on the deck.
2. What kind of animal breaks the law?
…A Cheetah!
3. What did one penny say to the other?
…Let’s get together and make some cents!

BTW- I am fully aware, I’m a dork. So be it.

-Jovie Lee

One thought on “Two Threes

  1. ashley says:

    my facebook did the same thing! i was convinced someone hacked into my account and invited friends that i didn’t know…it’s good to know if was a fb hiccup and not a hacker.

    also, let’s get lunch this week. i miss you.

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