Ezer Kenegdo

“The Lord God said, ‘It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a [ezer kenegdo] for him.” Genesis 2:18 NIV

 I think it is awesome how when God created Eve he called called her an ezer kenegdo which means “sustainer beside him.”  That is such an empowering way to describe a woman. That’s what I want to be.

 I am reading the book Captivating by John Eldredge. It’s pretty good but im 120 pages into it and it’s had this whole Debbie Downer tone to it so I am really ready for it to be over. I read about ezer kenegdo in chapter two and I (of course) googled it. As I was googling the phrase, I came across this blog that talked about ezer kenedgo. How awesome is this:
The military language associated with the word ezer ties the same bold imagery to the strong helper. She is a valiant warrior conscripted by God, not to fight against the man but to fight at his side as his greatest ally in the war to end all wars.

BTW- I am fully aware that this blog post absolutely contractdicts the one below it but it can’t be all serious all the time :).

On a more earthly note, I had LASIK (the deuce) yesterday and it worked! I went to my post op today and I have 20/20 vision. I am so happy! This second time around hurt a LOT more than the first time though. My eyes were hurting so bad that I had to wear two pairs of sunglasses and a hood over my face on the way home. I actually crouched down under Heather’s dashboard while she drove because I couldn’t stand the light. We drove through McDonald’s and the kid at the drive through got a kick out of it. He and his full mouth of gold teeth asked Heather “is there a person down there?” and she told him I’d just had eye surgery and he cracked up and called his friends to check it out. I musta looked ridiculous. One of the nurses today asked me if I was doing better because I looked “pitiful” on the way out yesterday. Oy vey. I was so looking forward to my Valium nap but I ended up nightmaring the entire time and woke up crying and annoyed. Ok, I’ll stop complaining. Point being, I can see and I am grateful. Thank you Dr.Weaver!

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